Aqdar’s initiative to support partnerships

This initiative is an effective tool to achieve the objectives of the Khalifa Empowerment Program and empower it internally and externally to achieve these goals by exchanging the benefits between the relevant institutions to build partnerships, memorandums of understanding and excellent institutional relationships between the departments and institutions to share the benefits of the objectives of each institution to ensure integration and cooperation among partners.



  • Take advantage of successful international practices and experiences.
  • Supporting the concept of institutional participation in achieving objectives through partnerships and memorandums of understanding.
  • Cooperation between the parties of the Partnership, in a timely manner.
  • Introduce new alternatives and participate in plans.
  • Provide appropriate mechanisms for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • Enhance the marketing capacity of various initiatives and activities.
  • Integration of experiences and coordination in programs.


Targeted Categories.

  • Governmental institutions.
  • Private institutions.
  • Semi-government institutions.
  • Companies