Cyber Awareness

The purpose of this initiative is to educate all society members about the various risks they may encounter while using the modern technologies and the Internet, such as hatred and sectarianism, online sexual harassment, bullying, violence, access to prohibited materials on the Internet, and the definition of cyber attacks and how to deal with it in a secure way to ensure the safety of users, and the importance of effective cooperation between all parties to address these problems. The program also aims at educating young people about the risks of online addiction, games, misuse of social media, the importance of dealing with reliable sources of news, keeping away from spreading rumors .and the legal consequent responsibility, and informing them about the UAE’s cybercrime laws and legal penalties for this type of crimes.

Aqdar continues to provide these awareness lectures to all the beneficiaries. More than 2000 sessions were conducted, in which more than 250,000 trainees and more than 17,000 teachers and tutors were trained in cooperation with strategic partners.