“Aqdar” launches “Ghars Zayed” Emirati Volunteer Training Forum

In the presence of HE Hussein Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, Khalifa Empowerment Program “Aqdar”, launched, “Aqdar” launches “Ghars Zayed” Emirati Volunteer Training Forum, with the participation of specialized speakers discussing the challenges facing the field of volunteering, as well as workshops designed to present new ideas and shed Highlight the effective practices in volunteer initiatives across the UAE.

The forum was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in the “Emirati School” building in Abu Dhabi with the participation of the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development, the National Platform for Volunteering, Sand, Takatof and the Abu Dhabi Police re, Watan Fund and the National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.

The forum focused on several pillars about the main reasons that lead to motivating the participation of young people in volunteering and explaining the responsibility of the media to diffuse the culture of volunteering and encourage involvement in humanitarian work.

The aim of the forum is to empower young people to participate in voluntary work and to promote their volunteer culture, and to incorporate the basic goals of volunteering to serve people’s well-being and to empower young people to work with their voluntary ideas and vision for the need to build society and volunteer for initiatives to build Emirati achievements stemming from our noble values and empowerment. Mohammed adopts the idea of volunteering to activate the youth energies and invest them.

On the sidelines of the forum, training workshops were held for the teachers of the “Emirati School”, including the topics of “Youth Participation in Volunteer Work” and “Volunteerism”.

The inaugural session of the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development included a speech by the Director of the Foundation’s Programs entitled “Volunteerism: an essential tributary of the development march”, and Dr. Adel Al-Shamri, CEO of “Zayed Al-Atta” Initiative, Director of Sheikha Fatima Volunteer Program, Specialization and sustainable development.

Engineer Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Supervision and Support Services, said: “The UAE’s Ghars Zayed Forum is being held based on the Emirati Values and Behaviors document, which aims to raise awareness among Emirati citizens about their responsibilities and duties as citizens. From this point, the Ministry of Education launched the volunteering guide in accordance with the guide to volunteering in the work environment of government bodies in our belief in the role of the educational environment in promoting the concepts of the document and its objectives and importance in terms of strengthening values and renew loyalty and commitment to the vision of our good government.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dabal, Executive Director of the Khalifa Empowerment Program, said: “We are proud of the UAE -Ghars Zayed Forum, which underlines the pioneering role played by the UAE and its youth in the field of volunteer work and social development and honors the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless him and grant him peace. This forum also promotes the empowerment of youth and prepares them to assume social responsibility. He pointed out that volunteering is one of the basic pillars of society and is directly related to the building of advanced civilizations and strong societies. adding that voluntary activity promotes sustainable development.

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Mansouri, General Coordinator of the Khalifa Empowerment Program, praised the effective role of voluntary organizations in the UAE, and its contribution to provide innovative volunteer programs that place young people at the forefront of volunteerism explaining that Khalifa Empowerment Program seeks to empower our youth and promote a culture of volunteering and sustainable giving, This enhances the efforts of our young people to participate in the development process and prepares them for their desired role as future leaders.