“Aqdar” and Ministry of Education launch the digital citizenship platform “CYBER C3″

Khalifa Program Empowerment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has launched the digital citizenship platform “Cyber C3”  in Arabic and English to disseminate cyber culture and awareness of the positive use of technology, the Internet and the fundamentals of information security.

Colonel Abdulrahman Al Mansouri, General Coordinator of Khalifa Program Empowerment, affirmed that the Cyber C3 Program is the first of its kind in the world, which has been developed and designed specifically for the UAE to qualify participants with knowledge and digital responsibility and develop their sense of responsibility towards their society on the Internet.

This program aims to equip citizens with digital literacy and critical thinking skills in reading and analyzing sources of information and understanding the ethical consequences of online behavior as well as making good ethical decisions on their online behavior.

The program offers key topics as follows: Internet access, cyber-knowledge, cyberspace, cybersecurity, cyberspace interaction, collaboration, cyber-projects, cyber care and cyber-accountability. Teachers who take tests in the Information Security and Networking course must answer 40 questions within a period of time not exceeding one hour.

Khawla Al Hosani, Director of the Department of Training and Professional Development at the Ministry of Education, said that nearly 101 teachers from the “UAE school” are in the first batch passed the CyberC3 certification after undergoing a number of training courses in cyber security and cyberspace.