Awards & Recognitions

Khalifa Empowerment Program has won 15 local and international awards over the past years, which came in recognition of the program’s efforts in spreading awareness among the society members and activating the social role of institutions. These awards are:



• Global Business Excellence Award.

• UAE Ideas Award – Dubai.

• Minister of Interior Award for Excellence.



• Reading Year Award – Reading Challenge Initiative – Abu Dhabi.

• Global Knowledge Exchange Authority’s Order of Excellence in Institutional Leadership – Cairo.

• World Summit on Information Society (Student Awareness Initiative) – Switzerland.

• IACP community policing award.



• Prince Nayef Awards for Arab Security (Council of Arab Interior Ministers – Tunisia).

• World Smart Cities Organizations Awards (Russia).

• IT World Awards (USA).

• The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Award for eSafe School project.

• Social Responsibility Awards.

• Golden World Award (Bulgaria).

• GOV Award on Social Responsibility (Abu Dhabi).