Smart Applications

In pursuit of Khalifa Empowerment Program – AQDAR to take advantage of the enormous potential offered by modern technologies and to keep abreast of the current developments and commitment of the program to the development of government services and the achievement of high quality of life for UAE nationals and residents according to the vision of the UAE 2021. Khalifa Empowerment Program – AQDAR has launched a number of applications that contribute to enhancing the message of the program and improve it. The program launched “Aqdar Library” application,  which allows users to access the collection of electronic magazines issued by the program, and An application for the “Express Your Love to the UAE” initiative is also available to users to interact with this initiative and express their loyalty and love to the UAE. In addition to the application of Aqdar summit, and the program has developed a number of electronic games that contribute to the activation and strengthening of the national document pillars.

Aqdar applications meet the features adopted as part of the transformation of the Smart Government, which aims to provide services around the clock and seven days a week, rapid response to changes that may occur in the arena, and the ability to devise solutions to the challenges that may be faced, In addition, these applications are easy for users and facilitate access to their purposes in a way that gives them a happy and successful experience of success.
In order to achieve maximum levels of spread, the program provides these applications on all devices running Android and IOS, where users can download these applications from Google Store and Apple Store.