My Dream My Life

“My Dream My Life” is one of the initiatives of the Khalifa Empowerment Program, which aims to create motivation and enhance the students’ self-capacity and enable them to achieve their professional and career dreams in order to achieve the vision of the UAE by learning and playing with practice. In order to put this initiative in place, His Excellency the Minister of Education Ordered to disseminate My Dream My Life initiative, the first of its kind in the world, to study its objectives and results over a period of 12 years.

This initiative offers a range of professional and applied cognitive skills that help students to enhance their perceptions and dreams about their career prospects by providing specific paths, possibilities and means, including the formation of positive behaviors that are directed towards the child’s goal and relate to his future dream. These include all the professions the child dreams of, and required by the labor market.


This initiative focuses on self-motivation and has a great impact on students’ behavior in order to prepare an ambitious generation and people from an early age, and to raise awareness among them and their families about the importance of setting their future goals and planning to reach them since childhood, as well as enhancing their desire to develop their abilities to achieve their dreams and train them on positive thinking methods. And make the correct decisions commensurate with their needs and their tendencies and abilities and choose the profession of the future accordingly

The initiative provides training manuals, educational materials, illustrations, cartoons and applied films on various professions and jobs. It also includes supportive skills, abilities and positive behaviors. The initiative is disseminated and marketed by various stakeholders.

Under the guidance of H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the “My Dream My Life” initiative is preparing a guide to the activities and opportunities of the initiative. This guide will be distributed and applied throughout the country.