Empowering Future Leaders






Empowering Future Leaders Initiative Overview:

This initiative includes several activities inside and outside the UAE, such as participation in an intensive, high-level training camp for young people who wants to develop themselves and enjoy a unique educational experience. The camp will be held within the premises of the Royal Military Academy  and Hurst in the United Kingdom. The highly qualified trainees who are keen to accelerate their understanding of “leadership” and “teamwork” in the challenging global work environment in the 21st century have been selected. This camp aims to develop the mentality of continuous learning, development and implementation to achieve an appropriate level of satisfaction and progression at the personal level.

Objectives of Empowering Future Leaders Initiative:

• Contribute to the rehabilitation of groups of future generations according to international standards for youth leaders.
• To promote the values of loyalty and belonging among young people.
• Refinement and development of personal skills and enhance self-reliance.
•  Promote the concepts of teamwork and team spirit and strengthen leadership skills among future generations.