“I Can” Smartly

Objective of the initiative

Through this initiative we are looking forward to the future that educates, protects and invests in students. They are the source of the start of nations and the building of civilizations, and we hope to establish a creative educational discourse that prevents our students from being dragged with the currents of corruption and deviation. We seek to discover the energies of the  students and invest in it through training and guidance and boost creativity in a clear and planned way, and work to unify all institutional initiatives in the country that encourage creativity and skills development through the activation of smart learning approaches and education using the latest technology.


Preparing intelligent generations to keep abreast of future developments.

The message

Empower students by employing the latest smart technologies and applications safely and intelligently.


  • Supporting the educational process by smart means.
  • Make the most from social media platforms.
  • Creativity and precedence in activating and developing skills.
  • Consolidate the concept of individual and collective education.
  • Create an interactive environment via smart applications.
  • Encourage people of determinations to use smart applications.
  • Community participation and smart marketing in the dissemination of initiatives.