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My dream ‘my life’ initiative

This initiative offers a range of knowledge, professional and life Applied skills that help male / female students to enhance their perceptions and dreams about their career by providing opportunities, possible paths, and certain means that include developing positive behaviors

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Aqdar Intelligently Initiative

Through this initiative, the program, Khalifa program, looks forward to the future in which it anticipates to educate, invest, and protects the students who represent the strong breakthrough toward that future and its desired culture by establishing an creative educational

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Aqdar Initiative for Community Leaders

Sheikh Saif bin Zayed community leadership initiative goal is to prepare groups of young men and women, mothers and social specialists, through training and qualification to be leaders of the society, and enlighten them on the dangers of drugs, abuse,

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Aqdar initiative for Smart Games

This initiative supports the educational process through video games; which are considered the best way and means to promote the awareness; due to their vast availability on various devices and operating systems (Apple Android, windows,) and because they contain educational

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Aqdar initiative to support partnerships

This initiative aims at increasing the effectiveness of social partnership institutions to achieve their goals and enable them to promote their role through the exchange of experiences and learning from related civil and governmental institutions. Memorandums of understanding governing such

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تغريدات الأخيرة

هنا وطني كلمات الدكتور عبدالرحمن المعمري غناء كورال الإمارات #اليوم_الوطني٤٦#اليوم_الوطني_الاماِراتي46

أوبريت ( إمارات المحبة ) للفنان الكبير حسين الجسمي
انتاج برنامج خليفة للتمكين / اقدر

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