This initiative supports the educational process through video games; which are considered the best way and means to promote the awareness; due to their vast availability on various devices and operating systems (Apple Android, windows,) and because they contain educational messages for adults and children presented in a fun template, and better investment of time. Smart games contain awareness aspects and educational contents; and they are also the means of raising awareness by using all information and communication technologies through several electronic channels. In light of this initiative, HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the sponsor of the program, inaugurated three games: «Badayer», «Camel Race» and «Aqdar Knowledge City ». These games have launched into the markets of «Apple» and «Android» and the number of those who downloaded them on their phones exceeded a million people.

تغريدات الأخيرة

انا الشهيد
غناء و الحان : اسامة العطار
كلمات : الدكتور عبدالرحمن…

سمو الشيخ #سيف_بن_زايد يكرم عدد من الشخصيات التي أسهمت في إعداد وإنجاح برنامج خليفة لتمكين الطلاب " أقدر" وشمل التكريم المرحوم الفريق خميس مطر المزينة قائد عام شرطة دبي السابق.


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